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Sample Commission Agreement : Bespoke Wedding Rings









Commission Agreement

This is an agreement between FrillyByLily, Blake Colman and Felicity Green by which we agree that:
FrillyByLily shall create the following proposed work:


One 18ct white gold ring. Size P. Rectangular in shape. Approx 2.5mm width. Approx 1-1.5mm thickness. Brushed finish.
One 18ct rose gold ring. Size K. Half round in shape, Approx 2mm width, 1-1.5mm thickness. Shiny finish.

In consideration for FrillyByLily creating the proposed work using his/her best aesthetic, skill and judgement, the commissioner shall pay to the Artist £XXX as follows:

£XXX by bank transfer before she starts to execute the work; and

£XXX by bank transfer when the artist gives the Commissioner written notice that the work is completed.

Deadline: End of July 2016.

FrillyByLily shall retain the copyright in the work, she may chose to create duplicates and or similar items based on this design unless an exclusivity agreement is reached.

Signed:_________ (the Artist) and_________ (the Commissioner).

Date: 26/1/16

If you need any more details, please ask.

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