Bobble & Twinkle

bobble_twinkle_ringInspired by granulation techniques used in roman and other ancient jewellery.

Take Flight


Frillybylily’s best sellers. These very wearable timeless feather rings are inspired by plumage on the catwalks and at festivals accross the globe.

Stacking Stardust

blk_druzy_topInspiration is taken from our glittering galaxy, the classic partnership of black and gold and the aching desire for something sparkly to wear with your favourite sequin party dress.

Raw Stone


Inspired by the naturally beautiful rawness and imperfect nature of semi precious stones.

Fighting Florals

Inspired by the fighting nature of florals and the way that they break through the cold every spring to bring us complimentary and clashing colourful beauty.

The Birds & The B’s

Birds_and_bsInpired by a growing demand for personalised jewellery. Customers can customise their necklaces by adding their favourite animals and initials.


bespoke_sq_ringWork together with Lily to design and create a piece of jewellery for a special occasion that is built to last generations.


frillybits_close_sqFrillyByLily jewellery making workshops are ideal for hen parties, work parties, after school clubs, women’s institute meetings and birthdays.